Pass the champers, it's Christmas

What an opportune time to start our little blog over here... Christmas! 

Ok, so it's technically January already and Christmas/New Year has well and truly passed (come baaaaack) but the event we're sharing is Christmas related so that counts, right? Well, we think so. 

We had a hell of a lotta fun putting together this beautiful Christmas Day table, and it wasn't just because we cracked open the bubbles before it was finished...

Inspired by a beautiful gum tree wreath (you can see it hanging there on the wall), we brought some of the Aussie-outside in with foliage (eucalyptus gunni) a few festive baubles and good 'ol classic colours of grey, black and white (yes, yes, technically not colours, but whateves). 

Lunch for four was dressed to the nines with a few special items such as the Elm Paper tags (from The White Bungalow) adorning gorgeous gold-rimmed Karen Walker champagne glasses that make you feel like you're in The Great Gatsby, matching gold cutlery and beautiful matt charcoal dinnerware. Add a few personal touches such as the hand illustrated menu and framed print (both created by Before Dinner) and you've got a lovely light, summer lunch, perfect for a hot, Aussie Christmas day. 

Merry everything.
BD xx