All the 'uns'

If it was Tuesday (or Thursday, or Friday), we'd be hash tagging this one TBT, FBF, etc, etc. But it's only Monday *sigh* and well, we need a pick me up so we decided we couldn't wait another 24+ hours to post it. 

A few months back now we had the pleasure of designing, styling + working on one of the most unconventional, uncustomary, untraditional, out of the box weddings (get the title now, all the 'uns'?). And when we say 'we', we technically mean, well, me.... me being the owner of this here little business and the wedding being my own.

Right from the start, we made it clear to everyone involved we didn't want traditional (did we mention the bride wore black? Yep, you heard right). So much so that we avoided calling it a wedding as much as possible - this was a PARTY! 

The theme - plywood and black. The style - industrial, modern, unconventional, minimalist. The special projects - custom made plywood signs telling guests the where, what, how; colouring-in for the kids at the ceremony; and, the piece de resistance, that epic neon sign (all thanks to the un-official bridesmaid). 

This party was about us. This party was about our family + friends. It was about more than just flowers and decor and a room and table settings. It was about people feeling comfortable, like they were at our house, having a drink, being casual, but getting dressed up to do it. 

It was about standing in front of everyone after 13 years together and saying 'hell yeah, I do!'.


Venue: The Joinery West End (huge thanks to Maria + Penny for all your help!) 
Styling + signage: Before Dinner
Photography: The Real Deal Photography
Celebrant: Paul Voge
Bride's dress: custom made
Bride's accessories: Shoes - Nine West, earrings - Chanel, bag - Olga Berg
Grooms suit: Jacket - Leif Lyons LLC + The Cloakroom, pants - Country Road, shoes - Aquila
Furniture + lighting: Brandition (and Before Dinner)
Neon sign: Neon Poodle
Catering: The Joinery West End
Balloons + tassels: DD Brand (with help from Baby & Birthday Balloons)
Invitations: Print on Wood
DJ: Cut a Rug

Note: some images were taken on an iPhone prior to guests arrival , hence they don't look as professional as the rest.